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Academy Bank is a leading family-owned financial institution which offers a number of services to individuals and businesses. The bank is headquartered in Colorado Springs. In addition to its physical locations, the bank also offers its services through its online platforms such as its website and mobile applications. The mobile apps are developed for Android and iOS operating system.


Step 1. The first step to login to your Academy Bank online account is to go to the bank’s website:

Step 2. In the homepage, you should follow these steps. First, select if you are a personal or Business account holder. This is shown in 1 and 2 below. After this, you should enter your Access ID in the box shown 3 below. Finally, press Sign in shown as 4 below.

Academy Bank
Academy Bank

Step 3. In the next page, you should enter your password and enter as shown below.
If you have entered the correct details, then you should now be in your online account.


Step 1. If you have forgotten your password, you should follow the steps shown above. In the last step, you should click Forgot Your Password.

Forgot password?
Forgot password?

Step 2. In the next page, you should enter your Access ID, the last 4 digits of tax ID Number, and your email address. If the information is correct, your password will be sent to your email address.


Step 1. To create your online account, you need to first have an account with the bank. After this, you should go to the homepage of the website and then click the first time login as shown below.

Step 2. This will take you to a page to create your online account. This page contains the requirements as shown below.
Step 3. In the new page, you should enter all the information asked as shown below. After filling this page, you will be required to fill other information and after that you will have your own online account.


In the online account, you will be able to do most of your banking. You can check your balance, send money, request your statement, and chat with customer care representatives.